Your search for the top wedding videographer in castles of the loire don’t need to go on, as we present the best wedding videographer in Loire.

A wedding ceremony is the most humane celebrations of love, joy, and everything nice in our lives. Therefore, capturing this very special moment is of huge importance.

From the arrivals of the guests to the ceremony preceding the wedding vows, every single moment of a wedding ceremony should be recorded with a sense of beauty, emotion, and utmost sincerity. Thus, finding and choosing the perfect wedding videographer are tasks that require some sensibility and in-depth research.


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Wedding Videography in castles of the Loire

If your dream is a wedding in a castle, contact me. This region in south central France is known throughout the world for its beautiful castles and magical places. If you want a fairytale wedding, full of magic, the castles of the Loire are the right place. 

Top Wedding Videographer castles of the Loire

As mentioned before, there are a great number of wedding planners offering their services in Loire – either independently or as part of a lavish wedding venue provider. However, despite having such an abundance of every other service provider for a dream wedding, it’s best to opt for an international wedding videographer offering their services in Castle of Loire: The technical and artistic qualities required to skillfully capture a wedding in such a divine environment are guaranteed.

wedding videographer, castles of the Loire

For those who won’t settle with anybody else other than the best to capture their once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments, the renowned Italian wedding videographer Simona Tortolano is the person to go to. She is definitely the best wedding videographer offering her services in this serene location.


With a background in fashion, painting and illustration, Simona is the perfect recipe to capture every moment of the greatest day of life. Due to her versatile background in the different spectrum of art, Simona brings a unique sense of style, place, and the occasion to capture all the essence of a wedding in a romantic and poetic way. With a penchant for storytelling, she also listens to your stories attentively, asks intelligent questions to capture the details, and turn them into a story told using the art of motion pictures.

Based in Florence, Italy; Simona would be more than happy to travel to your dream wedding destination to capture it in a cinematic way. Just check out her amazing portfolio and give her a shout for dates!

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