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In search of a wedding videographer in Venice? Simona is here to film the perfect framing for your love! Simona Tortolano is a professional wedding videographer in Italy expert in storytelling and cinematography. Thanks to interests and experiences in fashion industry, painting, illustration and documentary cinema, Simona holds a unique sense of style, mixed together with a true fascination for small details.

But technical expertise is not enough to the one of best wedding videographer in Italy: by gently taking care of your emotions and adding a pinch of dream, Wedding Stories by Simona Tortolano creates only special, exclusive wedding videos in Venice also. Simona deeply loves wedding emotions, as she often finds herself getting emotional with eyes full of tears or smiling behind the camera.

Working as a professional wedding videographer in Venice is not all about filming the ceremony! Simona will ensure a complete package full of suggestion about the best destination by a wedding videographer in Venice. Our homeland is a precious coffer full of dream destination for wedding film in Italy.

Once you have decided that Venice will be the ideal setting to get married, check out Simona Tortolano’s suggested location to shoot your special wedding video.

  • Wedding in palace: historically, Venice is the city of nobles. If you want to add a noble touch to your wedding, Wedding Stories is ready to suggest you several palaces in Venice that will fit with your requests. These places are the perfect settings for wedding films, thanks to their precious decorations and their refined architecture.
  • Wedding in villa: through the centuries, many villas have been built all around Venice. Nowadays, these villas are ready to host your special day with a complete range of services. For your wedding ceremony, a villa in Venice is the perfect solution to amaze your guests.
  • Wedding in terrace: if you think your special day deserves unforgettable memories, what about a terrace with a view? We know several location with a clear, overlook view on Canal Grande and the lagoon that will left your guests literally speechless.

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