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In search of a wedding videographer in Ravello? Simona Tortolano is here to film the perfect framing for your love! Simona is a renowned wedding videographer in Italy expert in storytelling and cinematography. Thanks to interests and experiences in fashion industry, painting, illustration and documentary cinema, Simona holds a unique sense of style, mixed together with a true fascination for small details.

But technical expertise is not enough : by gently taking care of your emotions and adding a pinch of dream, Simona creates only special, exclusive wedding videos in Ravello also. Simona deeply loves wedding emotions, as she often finds herself getting emotional with eyes full of tears or smiling behind the camera.

It is not all about filming the ceremony! Simona will ensure a complete package full of suggestion about the best destination by a wedding videographer in Ravello. Our homeland is a precious coffer full of dream destination for wedding film in Italy.

Once you have decided that Ravello will be the ideal setting to get married, check out Simona Tortolano’s suggested location to shoot your special wedding video.

  • Wedding in hotel: for couples with the passion for romantic views, Wedding Stories suggests a wedding in a luxury hotel in Ravello. Most of these structures has got an impressive terrace with a view like  Belmond Hotel Caruso from that point you overlook the blue sea of the Gulf, a truly unforgettable emotion.
  • Wedding in church: if you prefer religious ceremonies, Ravello has got several churches available. In particular, the flagship of the town is the white marble Dome, the ideal location for a special religious wedding.
  • Wedding in palace: Ravello is the borough of palaces also. In the past, many royals and noble families were used to go to these places; nowadays, you can easily organise your exclusive wedding in one of the gorgeous palaces in Ravello.

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